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Are you hungry???
look this 17 great artists drawing their fatty burger dreams!


Holly Fluxx (aus)
Emily hasselhoof (aus)
Kake (aus)
Pierre Bolide (fr)
Mark (uk)
c'estpascool (fr)
oliver of the sky (.nz)
Hikaru aka cdr (jp)
AGOV (ukrania)
Nopoetisa (cl)
Dieter Van der Ougstraete (be)
Misterthefreak (es)
Fede (ar)
DIS (cl)
Kalogatia (cl)
RANO? (cl)

Screenprinted cover 4 colors
offset 2 colors inside
14 x 17.5 cms / 60 pages
Perfect bound
cat: PI√ĎA-005

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